Mátrai Welding Technology & Vocational Training a Hungarian welding company. Its main activities are welding training and certification. Our educational system is based on our 30 years of welding training experience, and we try to combine the so called traditional educational methods with innovative and modern educational tools. Out of 106 welding training institutions of the country, where there is need for well trained welding technicians and experts, only our training center has to deal with increasing number of applicants for welding training courses. Introducing CS WAVE into our training played an important role in achieving this result.
As a certified exclusive official central European reseller of the product our company manages distribution of CS WAVE with help of local representatives in each different country. Our company won subsidization in the research and development project of the Baross Gábor Innovational Program which was announced by the National Office for Research and Technology of Hungary. Under this project in 2006 august an investment was realized in the field of the introducing high technology, virtual welding environment, to Hungarian welding training.
Our goals using CS WAVE are to increase the practical standard of our education and to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of welding as a profession, and to provide up-to-date knowledge and a modern educational environment to our trainees.
Introducing CS WAVE had a significant effect in helping the development of the Hungarian welding training and in increasing the quality welding education in Hungary.  Besides, it also helped to increase the standard of education, and to define our educational strategy.
By using CS WAVE it is possible to teach the skills and gestures necessary for welding from the beginning of welding training courses, students can learn them before practicing real welding. It is an innovative idea that WAVE puts motion control, which is a critical factor in the early stages of welding training, in the center of welding education. Practicing with CS WAVE it is possible to learn welding motions safely and effectively in all welding positions, and to eliminate mistakes instantly.
Applying CS WAVE in our welding training gives also the advantage of having significant decrease in educational costs, such as costs of raw materials, costs of energy, etc. In addition our trainings do not need the constant presence of our trainers who are supported with monitoring and educational tools to analyze the results of trainees.